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"Give full scope to the talents, into the team, individual and enterprise development"

Human resource is the first resource ELLY survival and development, but also has the most valuable wealth. Contribution is talent logo, the company is able to create and add value are talent, talent regardless of origin, heroes do not ask the source. ELLY on the staff knowledge, skills training, training more staff capacity and values. The lack of temporary ability and knowledge on can be acquired through the efforts to make up for; ability is own, understand their own shortcomings, to see the merits of others, consciously take the initiative to use all the learning opportunities to develop themselves, so as to meet the organization requirements.


Establish match the enterprise core competitive ability, business model, efficient and orderly operation, risk control structure.


Build system of enterprise standardization management system, fully implement the daily office automation, the introduction of international standard management system, continuously improve and perfect the modern enterprise management standard system construction.


Establish good performance appraisal system, greatly increase the efficiency of the per capita, and to improve its value of high-level managers, to build a good management team.